Japanese Bar

Welcome to Nikenme Bar

Traditional bar where you can feel the essence of Japan. Drinks selection is accurate, trying to server a good and unique traditional Sake (Nihonshu, Shouchu, Awamori), with Japanese tapas and Irori (traditional Japanese sunken hearth)


  • Nihonshu: our Nihonshu are specially selected from Yamagata Prefecture, offering different type of this traditional sake.
  • Awamori: Awamori is a traditional liquor from Okinawa. We offer 2 types here, Nigori Awamori and Awamori 60%.
  • Shochu: a special Shochu selected, from Kochi Prefecture, chestnut Kochi Sochu.

Japanese tapas

Enjoy our Japanese and western tapas. All for only 380 yen. We offer Japanese tofu, ceviche, French fries, omelette, edamane, local fish, and more



Irori is traditional Japanese sunken hearth, using for heating the home and for cooking


There is a optional breakfast in the morning, only for 300 yen