Guest House
in Hiwasa

A traditional Japanese Style House 

Welcome to Guest House Sakura-an, in Hiwasa, Shikoku Island

An old Japanese style house with a history of over 100 years has been renovated and opened as a simple accommodation facility in Hiwasa, Shikoku Island. 
Also, in the first floor, at evening, you can enjoy a traditional Sake, Japanese tapas and snacks at the Nikenme Bar, having conversation with local people. 
And there is a Body Care Salon, to take a break relax, body care and aroma oil massage.
Feel the essence of the traditional Japan.



Dormitory 2 beds

Mix dormitory with western style beds

futon style

Dormitory 4 beds

Mix dormitory with a futon style beds

futon style


Mixed dormitory with 11 beds

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A Japanese style house located in Hiwasa, a fishing village in Tokushima, Shikoku Island

In the first floor, also you can enjoy a traditional Japanese bar, with a good quality selection of Japanese Sake, and Japanese tapas

Also there is a Body Care Salon, where we offer body care using aroma oil and hand massage


For customers who have a reservation

Thank you very much for your reservation.

Sakuraan operates a body care salon during the day.
If there is a sign in front of the entrance when you arrive, we are working in the grooming room.
You can leave your luggage and wait in the hall, so use the tatami room on the left side of the entrance.
Don’t need to call when check-in in, just get inside and wait.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are operating alone, so we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you.


A signboard will be placed at the entrance during the procedure.

Here is the tatami room on the left side of the entrance

Contact us for details